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Consumer Chrysler Reviews - FAQ and Questions
- Which car are the best, the Chevrolet or Chrysler?
Im thinking to buy a used car and I dont know what brand to pick. A Chevrolet or a Chrysler! Any suggestion please? What you think about The Chevrolet (Malibu, Cruze) and the Chrysler 200?

A Chrysler and Dodge are the least advanced car manufacturers in the world. they have the last remaining 4 speed automatic gearbox, they have overly large engines that don't produce the power they should for the size they have. their cars are quite heavy compared to the competition, their fuel economy isn't great and their interior features are not all that amazing or class leading. Chevrolet has much better technology available for the mechanics and interior. all that being said, Chrysler has a midsize car for compact prices (the 200). if you need the biggest car for the lowest price possible the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200 are the best choices. (the avenger and 200 are basically the same car with a different shell and slightly different interior design, mechanically its the same) if you don't need to optimize size and price then go with a Chevrolet because of their better technology. If you are seriously planning on buying a car try to wait out a bit until the next generation 200 is released. now since FIAT is in more control of the Chrysler group they are making large changes and the 200 is among the first to get overhauled. the 2013 200 is a bit strange of a car. I drive one. the suspension is not too flappy and gives you confidence for taking quick corners, the steering doesnt give good feedback of the road but is large and fairly comfortable to use. it's very precise with little play to get the car to actually move. the 2.4l engine with the 4 speed automatic box is the biggest downside. it lacks serious passing power and will seem to always be switching gears if you accelerate a bit too much. it will take some getting used to hear the engine rev up that much without feeling acceleration. the interior is ample and the seats are fairly comfortable. they could use a bit more moulding to keep you in place (more bucket style seats) they are fairly stiff at first but somehow manage to keep you comfortable on long car rids. the rear view mirror is far too small for the size of the car. the sound system isn't bad but it's not mind blowing either. it can go loud enough to make the mirrors and windows shake. the car is abnormally long when you compare it to older cars. I drove a mercedes C230 Kompressor and a 2003 chevy blazer and it's longer than both which made parking in the garage on the first night interesting since I had to clear stuff out to make room. overall, it's not a bad car, i used to get better fuel economy and power from the mercedes but the 200 is larger and more comfortable for the rear passengers. the steering and suspension are are more responsive and induce confidence where the older cars I had rolled quite a bit. I find myself taking high speed turns about 20 kph faster in the 200 than the C230 without feeling like I'm on the edge of performance. in winter it's OK but not great unless you get winter tires where it will be adequate for a family car. if you accept that it's not a sports car the car is pretty good. go into it with a sporty state of mind and it will leave you disappointed. edit: I don't like the cruze because being a sporty driver it doesn't have that special spark that I look for. however. the cruze is a very popular car all around the world. the cruze was actually selling outside of north america and winning awards before being introduced here. it also has a diesel engine option which depending on where you live could be a great investment especially if you keep your cars for a long time. keep in mind, where I live in canada, diesel car prices are too high and the difference in fuel economy and diesel prices means that a VW jetta TDI will pay for itself in 7 years of ownership driving 20,000 kms per year with 80% on highway. (i did this calculation myself using fuel prices from my local gas station and prices from my nearest dealership, in places where diesel engines and gas are cheaper the rate of return can be as fast as 1.5 years (europe mainly) ) the car's interior is cool but not special things are where you'd expect them to be and easily accesible. personally I like a more level dependent gear selector not the straight line that the cruze has which lets me be quicker and less careful of whether I am engaging R, N or D. I would have also liked more buckety seats especially at the back but for a family car it has pretty good space. as for the malibu i can't really give an opinion on it. I have never even sat in one. having seen the new ones on the street, i can tell that they look great. they look more aggressive than the cruze. my dad got to use one for a weeklong business trip and he really liked it for its size. he's a car nerd too but not as intense as I am so his opinion is easily one to base yourself off of. really though not having experience with it I can't really comment on it.
- facts about chrysler?
Does anyone know any interesting facts about the Chrysler auto industry or about walter chrysler?

A Walter P Chrysler was a dynamic man. He began his working career as a machinist for the railroad industry in the 1880's, and in 1900 when the horseless carriage was becoming a bit more popular, he borrowed money to buy his first one. He totally dismantled it, and learned how it worked. Then he eventually left the railroad industry to work as a mechanic in the auto industry. Eventually he moved up the ranks and became the president of a couple of automotive companies. His big time happened in 1920 when he became the president of the Maxwell Motor company. By 1924 he bought the company and renamed it Chrysler. The rest as they say is history. There are many good websites out there with his history. There are more, but that's a good solid start. Beyond Walter P, the Chrysler corporation has enjoyed a heritage of many engineering developments. In the late 50's and early 60's they reached a zenith with groundbreaking styling and other features which eventually became the norm with other makes. They were heavily invested in the space program too. Chrysler developed a lot of the R&D that went into the rocket engines. I have a shameless plug to give you here. This is the work and the pride & joy of a handful of volunteers. Hopefully you can get some images and history form it:
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